Yesterday, Today.


E. Barbero s.r.l. starts up in 1873 manufacturing pumps for agriculture and winemaking. From 1939, following the rapid development of the market, the company has specialized in pumping oils and fuels for industrial plants.

This longevity guarantees quality products as well as a proof of bent for innovation, embodied in solutions always in line with customers’ demand.


Certainly, Technical Area is the pride of our company, capable of meeting any request promptly, and accurately, being a firms’ supplier as well as a real partner.

The Assistance completes the service: E. Barbero support continues consistently after the sale.

Kindness, helpfulness, experience are the values marking out our approach. Because before being professionals, it is necessary to be people.


And Tomorrow.


To keep on growing, strengthening more and more our know-how and giving customers our support by means of new forces and new products.

To face the next innovations of the market and endorse them, proposing solutions at the forefront confirmed by our quality signature.

To enhance our services, because excellence is a becoming path more than a reached destination.

More than promises for the future, these are the engagements we always fulfil.